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  • 🌞Building cases for our friends at AVMatrix always brightens our day. Collection of screen cases to each hold 2x Samsung 55" screens, resplendent with orange lid side panels to match company branding and make them really stand out.
    17/May/2024 18:00
  • Set of cases leaving us this week to hold Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast G2 Cameras. Designed with custom CNC inserts to securely hold the camera and accessories in place, ensuring this valuable kit is fully protected and arrives on set ready for action 🎬
    15/May/2024 17:00
  • Custom flight case to hold a Yamaha CL3 mixing desk. CNC routed logo and product name on the case make it super easy to identify kit when on site, allowing for speedy set-up and breakdown.
    03/May/2024 19:00
  • πŸ’»HP Envy 17 Laptop Flight Case Custom designed to house the awesome HP Envy 17 laptop, this case provides maximum protection utilising precision CNC foam cut-outs to hold the unit securely. Plus the additional compartment below allows storage for all cables and peripherals.
    01/May/2024 17:00
  • Stunning set of printed cases created for Strings Orchestra Not only can our printed flight cases ensure you stand out at events, but they provide a great platform for advertising your brand. Follow the below link to see more of our custom cases πŸ‘‰ www.swanflight.com/inhouse-printed-flightcase
    29/Apr/2024 18:00
  • 🚨 Sheeran Looper X Flight Case 🎸 Lucky enough to have gotten hold of the NEW Sheeran Loopers Looper X Multi-FX Pedal? Make sure it stays safe on the road with our flight case custom built to fit it. CNC foam inserts hold the unit securely in place, while the lift-off lid allows the pedalboard be used while in the base. Available to order nowπŸ‘‡ www.swanflight.com/sheeran-looper-x-flight-case.html
    10/Apr/2024 15:04
  • 🚨NEW Product - AlphaTheta Euphonia Flight Case🎧 The new AlphaTheta/Pioneer DJ Global Euphonia rotary DJ mixer is a thing of beauty to behold, and deserves the best protection. That's why we've created a custom flight case to keep the unit safe while in use, transit or storage. Designed with a lift-off lid and cable access at the rear, to allow quick set-up, so you can get to twiddling those amazing rotary controls. Available to order now πŸ‘‡ www.swanflight.com/alphatheta-euphonia-flight-case.html
    04/Apr/2024 18:00
  • πŸ–₯ Apple iMac M3 Flight Case πŸ–±βŒ¨οΈ Custom designed flight case to hold the latest version of Apple 24" iMac. Fully foam lined throughout to ensure a snug fit and the ultimate protection for your valuable computer. The case also incorporates CNC cut-outs for the keyboard & mouse, plus extra compartments for PSU and other accessories. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, so you can get the perfect case to match your style 🌈 Shop now πŸ‘‰ www.swanflight.com/apple-imac-24-m3-flight-case.html
    03/Apr/2024 18:00
  • Ultimate protection for MA Lighting International grandMA3 Console Custom engineered flight cases designed to safeguard your investment during transport. Available for both; full-size and light variants of this awesome lighting desk, and incorporating precision CNC foam inserts ensuring they're held securely in place. Don't compromise on protection for your valuable gear, trust Swanflight to keep your grandMA3 safe on the road
    26/Mar/2024 19:00
  • πŸƒ CNC Coloured Foam Inserts πŸ’œ Make your kit really pop with contrasting foam inserts. We can create custom inserts for almost anything, if you’ve got a project in mind, get in touchπŸ‘‡ πŸ“© info@swanflight.com ☎️ 01740 623555 🌐 www.swanflight.com . . . #swanflight #swanflightcase #flightcases #flightcase #madeinuk #eventprofs #bespokecases #marketingactvation #branding #brandactivations #brandinginspiration #eventsindustry #cncinserts #cncfoam
    21/Mar/2024 19:56
  • 🧑 Orange is the new black? πŸ–€ Collection of custom flight cases for our friends at AV Rental. Designed to securely store and transport video conferencing equipment, these include orange panels to match corporate branding and precision CNC inserts to ensure the kit is held safely in place.
    16/Mar/2024 19:00
  • 22 trunks heading out to a customer this past week. With our hugely experienced design team and highly skilled case builders we’re able to tackle any project big or small. So get in touch if you've got a flight case project that needs bringing to fruition
    10/Mar/2024 18:41
  • 🎀 Microphone Flight Cases πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ€ 3x Custom printed microphone cases designed for our friends at FX Rentals. CNC foam inserts were created to protect a Neumann U-87 Ai Studio Condenser Mic, with separate cut-outs to house the shockmount and windshield. All encased in a sturdy flight case to ensure this valuable kit can be transported safely. . . . #swanflight #swanflightcase #flightcase #flightcases #madeinuk #bespokecases #neumannu87 #neumannu87ai #Neumann #Microphones #U87Ai #StudioMic #recording #producer #neumannmicrophones #recordproducer #studioequipment
    04/Mar/2024 20:00
  • 🚨NEW PRODUCT🚨 Flight case designed to protect the NEW AlphaTheta/Pioneer DJ Global OMNIS-DUO Controller. Foam throughout holds the unit securely in place, ensuring your valuable kit receives the ultimate protection. While the use-in-base design means your ready to go as soon as the lid is off πŸ™Œ Available to order now in a wide range of colours and finishesπŸ‘Œ www.swanflight.com/alphatheta-omnis-duo-flightcase.html . . . #swanflightcase #swanflight #flightcase #flightcases #AlphaTheta #OMNISDUO #PioneerDJ #djing #djgear
    22/Feb/2024 19:42
  • πŸš› Artic full of flight cases heading off to their new owners 🫢. Swanflight have one of the biggest ranges of standard case designs in the industry, but can handle any custom jobs. ALL our cases are hand built in the UK, out of the best components. If you need quality flight cases visit Swanflight.com or contact our expert design team to discuss your next project
    20/Feb/2024 19:54
  • 🚨 SPECIAL OFFER 🚨 πŸ“’ Touring Grade 1220 x 600 x 600 Road Trunk 13mm πŸ’° Was Β£1,074.92 Now Only Β£473.00 (Inc vat) πŸ›’ www.swanflight.com/touring-grade-1220-x-600-x-600-road-trunk-13mm.html ⏱Strictly limited availability! *Price shown is for standard spec and excludes any optional extras. Normal lead times apply, see T&C's for more information.
    13/Feb/2024 18:30
  • Recent order for our friends at UK Events Group Ltd Our moving head flightcases are ideal for ensuring your valuable lights are totally protected when in transit. These particular trunks included the optional castor dishes so they can be securely stacked maximising available space You can check out our full lighting range πŸ‘‡ www.swanflight.com/lighting-effects.html
    12/Feb/2024 19:00
  • 🚨 Motorsport Sale Ends Midnight!! 🏁 πŸ’° Huge savings on selected flight cases Shop now πŸ‘‰https://shorturl.at/yHL39 *Offer valid until midnight 31/01/2024 or whilst stock lasts, see T&C's for more information
    31/Jan/2024 07:46
  • 🚨 Big Savings On Selected Motorsport Flight Cases 🏁 πŸ“’ Blizzard Bar 2 Bottle Cooler Fridge Flight Case πŸ’° Was Β£665.99 Now Only Β£378.00 (Inc vat) πŸ‘‰ www.swanflight.com/blizzard-bar-2-bottle-cooler-fridge-flightcase-1.html *Offer valid until midnight 31/01/2024 or whilst stock lasts. Price shown is the base price and excludes any optional extras, see T&C's for more information
    28/Jan/2024 19:30
  • πŸ•ΉCustom Printed Promotional CaseπŸ•Ή Built to order for Quarter Arcades to promote their 1/4 sized arcade machines. This bespoke case has high quality printed panels that really make the company's branding pop. If you've got a custom project in mind, contact our design team πŸ‘‡ πŸ“© info@swanflight.com ☎️ 01740 623555 🌐 www.swanflight.com
    27/Jan/2024 19:00
  • 🚨 Big Savings On Selected Motorsport Flight Cases 🏁 πŸ“’ Nesting Case Size 2 πŸ’° Was Β£168.53 Now Only Β£90.00 (Inc vat) πŸ‘‰ www.swanflight.com/nesting-case-size-2.html *Offer valid until midnight 31/01/2024 or whilst stock lasts. Price shown is the base price and excludes any optional extras, see T&C's for more information
    26/Jan/2024 12:30
  • 🚨 Big Savings On Selected Motorsport Flight Cases 🏁 πŸ“’ Mini Hospitality Flight Case πŸ’° Was Β£811.58 Now Only Β£600.00 (Inc vat) πŸ‘‰ www.swanflight.com/mini-hospitality-flightcase.html *Offer valid until midnight 31/01/2024 or whilst stock lasts. Price shown is the base price and excludes any optional extras, see T&C's for more information
    25/Jan/2024 18:30
  • 🚨 Big Savings On Selected Motorsport Flight Cases 🏁 πŸ“’ 55" Plasma/LCD/LED Case with Electric Lift πŸ’° Was Β£1,857.59 Now Only Β£1,560.00 (Inc vat) πŸ‘‰ www.swanflight.com/55-plasma-lcd-led-case-with-electric-lift.html *Offer valid until midnight 31/01/2024 or whilst stock lasts. Price shown is the base price and excludes any optional extras, see T&C's for more information
    19/Jan/2024 12:30