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  • Bespoke flightcase manufactured to transport a Audi TT DSG gearbox. Supplied with a reinforced base with 15mm birch ply and designed with a lift off lid to allow easy access when removing the unit. If you need a flight case for your gearbox or engine why don’t you drop us an email at info@swanflight.com https://www.swanflight.com/audi-tt-dsg-gearbox-flightcase.html
    22/Apr/2018 16:39
  • Bespoke flightcase designed and manufactured for a DJI S1000 drone. Designed with heavy duty fittings, thick plastazote foam & CNC routed foam insert fitted in the base to secure the drone into position. This was done for Durham University who required a solution to protect their drone when transporting it to Africa. https://www.swanflight.com/dji-s1000-drone-flightcase.html
    20/Apr/2018 11:02
  • Bespoke flightcase manufactured for Mini Challenge to transport their paper forms, leaflets & clipboards. Designed with euroboxes for storage and removable front lid which clips on the heavy duty pull out handles to act as a table so their customers can fill out the forms. Compact solution allows the client to store the flightcase in the boot of their car when going from each location. https://www.swanflight.com/trolley-dolly-flightcase.html
    19/Apr/2018 14:11
  • Maximum Hospitality Flightcase Now Only £1500.00. Our heavy duty flightcase designed and manufactured for hospitality & events with built in fridge (not supplied), euroboxes and pop up work area. Compact design so everything can be packed away and transported securely to your next event. https://www.swanflight.com/maximum-hospitality-flightcase.html
    17/Apr/2018 08:28
  • Bespoke flightcase manufactured for ARC Stockton Arts Centre to house their ETC Gio Control Desk. Designed at a workable height the flightcase comes with a pull out drawer which can be used for a mouse, keyboard etc. Extra storage below for cables and access door on rear, this is the ideal portable workstation. https://www.swanflight.com/etc-gio-control-desk-keyboard-drawer-flightcase.html
    13/Apr/2018 09:16
  • WHILE STOCKS LASTS! General Storage Leads Box Flightcases Only £35.00 + P&P https://www.swanflight.com/b-grade-road-trunks.html Once they are gone, they are gone so be quick!
    10/Apr/2018 08:26
  • Our senior flightcase designer Sean has his own Mobile Disco Events company and here is a photo of his latest set up at The Hardwick Hall Hotel. On display is two of our electric screen lift flightcases, 8 moving head flightcases and a folding DJ console. . What do you think of this set up? We think it looks great!
    09/Apr/2018 08:38
  • Standard 7" 200 Record Box Flightcases £40.00 inc UK Mainland Shipping Valid Until Midnight 7th May 2018 https://www.swanflight.com/7-200-record-box.html
    06/Apr/2018 08:52
  • 30% OFF Multi Pedal Pedalboard Flightcases Valid Until Midnight 7th May 2018 https://www.swanflight.com/guitarist-flightcases/pedal-board-flightcases/multi-pedal-boards.html
    06/Apr/2018 08:34
  • Tired of trying to find somewhere to store the lid when using our motorsport flightcases? Why not go for our twin hinged door option which means you don't need to worry about that. Available on drawer cases up to 15 drawers. https://www.swanflight.com/motor-sports-case/drawer-cases.html
    03/Apr/2018 10:01
  • Bespoke flightcases manufactured for The Rolling Bean to transport their coffee machines and accessories. Designed as an inverted trunk with additional storage compartment above which allows the client to keep everything together during transport.
    02/Apr/2018 10:58
  • Bespoke flightcase manufactured for Team-HARD. Racing who required a compact flightcase to transport camera and laptop equipment. Designed with pull out drawers which held custom CNC foam inserts for the various lenses and camera bodies. Additional compartment on the rear for laptop storage and fitted with pull out handle and wheels for easy transportation.
    29/Mar/2018 08:55
  • Bespoke flightcase manufactured for a customer who required a solution to house their digital two-way radio system. The flightcase includes a CNC foam insert which holds 4x Motorola DP4400e radios & 4x WPLN4226A chargers with additional space for ear pieces and power supplies. https://www.swanflight.com/motorola-dp4400e-wpln4226a-holds-4-flightcase.html
    28/Mar/2018 12:00
  • 19" rack flightcases are still one of our most popular sellers to date with our vast range of styles from 2 door cases, mixer cases, lift up cases & more. Designed to hold rack mount equipment such as amplifiers, servers or even lighting equipment they will be fully protected during transport. You also get the added benefit of being able to operate the equipment while it is fixed in the flightcase. https://www.swanflight.com/rack-cases.html
    27/Mar/2018 14:28
  • We manufacture flightcases for a wide range of engines from small kart engines to large car engines. Complete with a reinforced base and heavy duty fittings our flightcases will have no problem transporting your engine. If your engine or dimensions are not listed drop us an email and we will be more than happy to design to suit your needs. https://www.swanflight.com/motor-sports-case/engine-flightcases.html
    26/Mar/2018 14:59
  • Are you ready for the start of the new race season? Have you got everything prepped and ready for another great year of racing? If you don’t then we have you covered with our motorsport flightcases. The perfect storage solution to help transport your tools and spares. With our super fast lead time order today to make sure you have them before the race season begins! 🏎 🏁 https://www.swanflight.com/motor-sports-case.html
    25/Mar/2018 12:59
  • Bespoke flightcase manufactured for Rebecca Burch & Vula Viel to transport their wooden xlyophone. Client came to see us personally with the unit which we measured, designed and manufactured in 1 working day just in time for their latest gigs.
    22/Mar/2018 12:20
  • #Repost @bigfunuk with @get_repost ・ Nice little road trip for #TeamKai today to #Sedgefield and our friends @swanflight to collect another batch of #FlightCases #teambigfun #events #eventprofs #swanflight
    22/Mar/2018 00:25
  • Exciting news for Swanflight as we partner with Speedworks for the 2018 BTCC
    20/Mar/2018 18:54
  • Bespoke flightcase designed for local barbers JUST for GENTS to be used as their reception desk. Designed with a usable grey laminated worktop, storage underneath worktop via euro containers and table attachment to the side. https://www.swanflight.com/reception-desk.html
    20/Mar/2018 13:06
  • Bespoke flightcase designed and manufactured to fit a Pioneer DDJ-SX Controller with 2U of 19" useable rack space underneath. https://www.swanflight.com/pioneer-ddj-sx-2u-below-flightcase.html
    19/Mar/2018 16:14
  • We have a wide range of flightcases designed for wireless microphone systems from Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica & more. They are supplied with a CNC foam insert to protect the system during transport. https://www.swanflight.com/microphone-flightcases-150.html If your system is not listed drop us an email at info@swanflight.con
    18/Mar/2018 16:10
  • Can anyone see a flightcase because we can't!? Bespoke flightcase we manufactured for a local customer to hold their BSA R-10 SE Air Rifle and accessories. Designed with a routed CNC foam insert and all the panels covered in a camouflage material. Contact us regarding any custom flightcases at info@swanflight.com
    16/Mar/2018 12:34
  • Double 55" Plasma/LCD/LED Flightcase with Electric Lift which we recently manufactured for our stand at the Autosport International Show 2018. https://www.swanflight.com/plasma-flightcases/electric-lift-plasma-lcd-led-screen-case/double-55-plasma-lcd-led-case-with-electric-lift.html
    15/Mar/2018 16:44
  • Bespoke flightcase designed for Prime Events to transport their replica Las Vegas Sign to corporate and private events. Contact us for custom flightcases at info@swanflight.com
    14/Mar/2018 19:00
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