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Send your pictures to sean@swanflight.com and we will add them to the gallery below:

New Denon MC7000 image & dimensions for case supplied by Manni 


Flightcase Furniture @ Motorcycle Live 2016: Supplied to Enriched Events Ltd

Dusk til Dawn: Candy floss machine revamped, we redesigned the case to customers new specs

Jodi Wernham's New Pioneer Set-up:
Designed for people with long arms
Pioneer Set up 

Artistic Solutions New office with furniture supplied by Swanflight.com


Cameron Anderson and his totally bespoke JVM410 flightcase designed and built here in the UK from order to delivery 
3 days  

 Custom JVM410 close up

Custom JVM410

A big thanks to Ian Belmont who attended the recent Comic-Con event in London for these images. He now has a very
rare item a Back to the Future Plutonium case signed by the stars of the classic movie





Yet another bespoke case built to customer specs, Jodi Wernham with his Custom XDJ-RX case

From receipt of original idea case was designed built and delivered within 7 days

Custom XDJ-RX

New Catering Equipment flightcases.
Johnathan from Refined Concierge ordered a range of cases for his fridges,
cookers, ovens, sinks, deep fat fryer, and even one for the kitchen sink.
The full list of cases is rather large 

Below is a picture of his mobile bar and fridge cases
Bar & Fridge 

Jodi orders more cases this time for 8 ADJ Wifly QA5 Bars, many thanks for
the order and the pictures.

 Wifly QA5 bar

Jodi Wernham and the cases we designed up for the Martin Rush Multibeam 
& many thanks for the pictures Jodi


Kevin from The Wicked Company sent us some images of just a few of the wardrobe cases and 
other storage/transport solutions we have recently built for them. Basically these guys can transport
pretty much anything. The Wicked Company


Ben Teale & the crew from Congo Blue Design display anything you want with their 42", 50" & 65" Led screens
securely in cases built by Swanflight.

Congo Blue 

Pit crew can now keep it all together:

Zeema Innovations Ltd and the pit crews new toolbox for the Scirroco Cup

Pit box

Swanflight goes "Back to the Future"

After weeks of consultation to ensure we chose components as close to the original as were available, we finally created what we think is one of the closest replicas
to the original "Plutonium Transport Case" from the movie Back to the Future

With a lot of help and input from the now owner of the very first Swanflight produced Plutonium Carry case (Rob Kingman), Many thanks Rob.

We now sell these products on our webiste so if you wish to own your very own "Back to the Future Plutonium Transport case" click here

Plutonium Transport Case

Plutonium Transport Case


Mattie Griffiths Stunt rider

No wonder Mattie is good he performs all these stunts and can't even reach the handle bars

Mattie Griffiths Stunt rider

Craig Mcdonald

Pedalboard review video ...

James While

Custom tiered pedal board case and rack

Pedal Board Case & Rack

Now that's a lot of pedals ...

Pedal Board Case & Rack

Edward Lyon

Edward Lyon's from CPA Proffesional Event Technologies,  innovative way to use cases instead of storing them back in the van. Simple but effective buffet table

Catering trollies

Thomas Colon in Puerto Rico

Tascam 2488neo supplied to Thomas Colon in Puerto Rico

Tascam 2488neo

Mr Panesar

Laptop case

Laptop case

Carsten Elkjaer

Drone camera case, shipped to Denmark

Drone camera case

Guy Richman

We were happy to receive a picture of Guy's Pearl Throne thumper in its new case

Throne thumper in its new case

Lee Hillis

A&H Xone Midi controllers in Lee's new case

A&H Xone Midi controllers in Lee's new case

Toby Reynolds

New Abstract VRX scanner cases

Scanner Case

Panos is back in the Amazon Again

James Wilson

His Numark N4 in its new case


Panas Karan

His trip through japan


Neil Oughton from Lancashire

Custom case for Traktor S4, Native Instruments Maschine & sliding laptop shelf

Custom Case

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